Katsuhiko Hibino “HIBINO CUP”

July 23 (Sun.), 2017

Participants in this annual workshop can enjoy both art and sports together. In the morning, each team of participants makes soccer goals, ball and uniforms using corrugated cardboard and packing materials. In the afternoon, they enjoy playing the original mini-soccer game. Parents, children and friends can enjoy the game together.

Date: Sunday, July 23; 10:00-17:00



Art Bus 2017

November 16 (Thu.), 2017, to November 24 (Fri.), 2017

Dates: Nov. 16 (Thu.), 17 (Fri.), 20 (Mon.), 21 (Tue.) ,22(Wed.)and 24 (Fri.), 2017

This project is a combined program of appreciation of the exhibition and workshop for expressing one’s feelings in words, designed for elementary and junior high school children in Mito City. The art center provides a shuttle bus for the transit service of participants. They are divided into small groups, and each group makes a guided tour with trained staff, mostly university students.

* Applications are based on a school as a unit.



High School Students' Weeks 2018

March 11 (Sun.), 2018, to April 8 (Sun.), 2018

It is an annual exhibition free invitation project for high school students. At a cafe, which visitors come across in the middle of the gallery during the exhibition period, workshops concerning the exhibition are held and various programs for reading, sewing, etc. can be enjoyed every day. The cafe is not limited to high school students, but anyone can use it.


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