Vol. 4, Future Support Project:

William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" (1602)

February 7 (Sat.), 2015, to February 15 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Director: Shintaro Mori 
Actors: Yoshimasa Kondo, with other cast members selected by audition

Having recently won the in the 21st Yomiuri Drama Prize Best Director Award as well as one of the New Face Awards in the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, the director Shintaro Mori is one of the most active people in his field. He will lead the upcoming performance of the Shakespeare comedy "Twelfth Night" with a cast of actors from Ibaraki Prefecture.



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Introducing Traditional Performing Arts:

Solo Performance by Bunchin Katsura

February 28 (Sat.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

The master rakugo artist Bunchin Katsura will make his way to Art Tower Mito (ATM) in February 2014 to give the audience a wonderful night listening to stories from Kamigata Rakugo, which is the style of rakugo from the Osaka and Kyoto area.

Kiyoshi Shomura and Flamenco (tentative name)

March 7 (Sat.), 2015, to March 8 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Concept, choreography, direction: Yoko Komatsubara
Accompaniment: Kiyoshi Shomura
Performers: Yoko Komatsubara , Yoko Komatsubara Spanish Dance Troupe, et al.

A repeat joint appearance at Art Tower Mito (ATM) by one of the country's great flamenco artists, Yoko Komatsubara, and a leading classical guitarist, Kiyoshi Shomura. Come enjoy both Shomura's exuberant guitar accompaniment and Komatsubara's banter and flamenco dance performance.


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