"Kurai Tokoro kara Yatte Kuru" (They Come from a Dark Place)

July 26 (Sat.), 2014, to July 27 (Sun.), 2014

[Free Seating]

Writer: Tomohiro Maekawa
Director: Eriko Ogawa

A play designed to encourage children to enjoy their summer vacation, produced by a young playwright and director who are getting a lot of attention nowadays. There will be a workshop before the performance for children to experience the theater, letting them appreciate play more deeply.



Sold out
Introducing Traditional Performing Arts:

Solo Performance by Rakugo Artist Karoku Yanagiya

August 12 (Tue.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

A solo performance by the prince of the rakugo world, Karoku Yanagiya. He will perform both original rakugo works and older ones from the classical tradition.


Karoku Chats with Teenagers!

August 13 (Wed.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

The rakugo artist Karoku Yanagiya will hold a frank talk session with youngsters in their teens, mainly about how he got bad grades when he was younger, and about his decision to become a rakugo artist amidst the great pressure he felt as the grandson of the 'National Treasure' Kosan Yanagiya V (1915-2002). He also will perform some rakugo, giving the audience the opportunity to enjoy classical performance artists from a young age.



46th Mito City Art Festival
Theater Festival

August 22 (Fri.), 2014  23 (Sat.),   24 (Sun.),   29 (Fri.),   30 (Sat.),   31 (Sun.),   

[Free Seating]Admission varies depending on each performance.

Over a two-week period, different acting companies will stage performances that make the most of their distinguishing characteristics.

Vol. 3, Future Support Project:

Rakugo + Mystery: "Yasashii Shinigami" (The Gentle Reaper )

September 13 (Sat.), 2014, to September 15 (Mon.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

Playwright: Kazuma Yokoyama
Director: Ritsuo Toshima
Actors: Sanya Yanagiya, Gekidan ACM, et al.

Hailing from Hitachi-Ohta City in Ibaraki, the rakugo artist Sanya Yanagiya is the featured performer in Vol. 3 of the Future Support Project. He will take the short mystery story "Yasashii Shinigami" (The Gentle Reaper), which was based on the rakugo classic "Shinigami" (The Reaper), and combine it with rakugo in the performance of a play along with the members of Gekidan ACM. The play is sure to appeal to both mystery fans and rakugo fans alike.


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