46th Mito City Art Festival
Theater Festival

August 22 (Fri.), 2014  23 (Sat.),   24 (Sun.),   29 (Fri.),   30 (Sat.),   31 (Sun.),   

[Free Seating]Admission varies depending on each performance.

Over a two-week period, different acting companies will stage performances that make the most of their distinguishing characteristics.

Vol. 3, Future Support Project:

Rakugo + Mystery: "Yasashii Shinigami" (The Gentle Reaper )

September 13 (Sat.), 2014, to September 15 (Mon.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

Playwright: Kazuma Yokoyama
Director: Ritsuo Toshima
Actors: Sanya Yanagiya, Gekidan ACM, et al.

Hailing from Hitachi-Ohta City in Ibaraki, the rakugo artist Sanya Yanagiya is the featured performer in Vol. 3 of the Future Support Project. He will take the short mystery story "Yasashii Shinigami" (The Gentle Reaper), which was based on the rakugo classic "Shinigami" (The Reaper), and combine it with rakugo in the performance of a play along with the members of Gekidan ACM. The play is sure to appeal to both mystery fans and rakugo fans alike.



"Goensai -- Kondo-san, Dezuppari Datte?"
(Goensai -- Mr. Kondo: You really plan to be on stage the whole time?)

October 19 (Sun.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

Actors: Yoshimasa Kondo, Natsumi Ogawa, Kazuaki Hankai, Satoru Jitsunashi, et al.

Banda.La.Konchan is the name of the one-person acting troupe launched by the popular actor Yoshimasa Kondo. He will appear at ACM Theatre in collaboration with several young theatrical companies (Ao☆Gumi, Nakago, Mrs.fictions, and Nuigurumi Hunter) for an exciting, variety-filled performance.



Introducing Traditional Performing Arts:

"Mito Komon Manyuki II"

Naniwabushi and the World of Takeharu Kunimoto:

October 26 (Sun.), 2014  

[All seats reserved]

The Naniwabushi narrative-singing artist Takeharu Kunimoto makes a triumphal return to Art Tower Mito (ATM) after his successful performance here last year, when the jam-packed audience gave him resounding applause. He is currently in the midst of a three-year project producing an original Naniwabushi work for the ACM Theatre entitled "Mito Komon Manyuki" (Mito Komon Travel Sketches). The first installment in the continuing series, entitled "Mito Komon: Seishun-hen" (Mito Komon: Youth Section), was presented last year, with this year's performance—which many people in the community cannot wait to see—representing the second installment.


ACM Family Theater

"Der Raeuber Hotzenplotz" (Robber Hotzenplotz)

November 8 (Sat.), 2014, to November 16 (Sun.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

Original work: Otfried Preussler (1923-2013)
Director: Ryo Osugi

Last year, around 4,000 people enjoyed plays performed in the Drama Appreciation for Elementary School Students and ACM Family Theatre projects put on by Art Tower Mito (ATM), and this is a repeat performance of the work that they enjoyed at that time. Singers and dancers put on a fun stage version of one of Otfried Preusler's beloved "Robber Hotzenplot" series of children's books, which has been read successively by countless readers worldwide since the 1970's.



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