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Kayoko Shiraishi: "One Hundred Stories" Series

Night No. 31: "Bangiku" and "Korikori-banashi"

February 8 (Sat.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

Cast: Kayoko Shiraishi

Kayoko Shiraishi has nearly completed her goal of stage-reading 100 stories, and these will be the 98th and 99th. After so many performances, her mature, mellow reading of the stories has become ever more astounding.

Morio Kazama


Promoting Traditional Performing Arts (6)

January 11 (Sat.), 2014

[All seats reserved]

Cast: Morio Kazama, Kyotaro Yanagiya

Accompanied by the theme music from the movie "Kamata Koshinkyoku" (1982) as his debayashi (music played as a rakugo artist walks on stage), the actor and comic chat artist Morio Kazama makes his appearance on the dais before the audience. Kazama will present a combined talk show and classic rakugo performance jointly with the popular rakugo artist, Kyotaro Yanagiya, who is known for keeping audiences entertained with side-splitting frivolity. Get your first laughs of the new year at ACM Theatre!

Promoting Traditional Performing Arts (5)

Yorozu Kyogen Mito Performance 2013+Kyogen Appreciation Lecture

December 21 (Sat.), 2013

[All seats reserved]

Cast: Man Nomura, Manzo Nomura, et al.

A lecture aimed at giving the audience a deeper enjoyment and appreciation of kyogen (classical Japanese comical theater), followed by a performance of two kyogen works. Come enjoy the joint appearance by a living cultural treasure, Man Nomura, and his son, Manzo Nomura IX.

heater Appreciation Performance for Grade Schoolers

ACM Production of Stage Play "Der Raeuber Hotzenplotz (The Robber Hotzenplotz)"

November 3 (Sun.), 2013, to November 10 (Sun.), 2013

[All seats reserved]

Original author: Otfried Preussler (1923-2013, Germany)
Director: Ryo Osugi
Cast: Acting Company Mito (ACM)
Co-organizer: Mito City Board of Education

Some 2,500 4th-graders from Mito City will be invited to ACM Theatre to watch a play based on a book by the recently-deceased German author, Otfried Preußler, giving them the opportunity to sense for themselves the joy of a live drama performance. The same play will be performed again the following weekend to let the rest of their family members watch it, too, so that whole families can share the same experience.

Women in Stories Series

Shuhei Fujisawa's "Semi-shigure"

October 19 (Sat.), 2013, to October 20 (Sun.), 2013

[All seats reserved]

Director: Rintaro Mayuzumi
Cast: Keiko Kishi

Keiko Kishi, who is not just an actress but also an essayist, appears mainly in filmed productions, either on the silver screen or in TV dramas, and almost never performs on a live stage. The octogenarian's upcoming appearance at ATM thus represents a rare chance to see her perform in person, and is thus not to be missed. How will she mold the world of Shuhei Fujisawa (1927-97) in her reading of "Semi-shigure," set in feudal Japan?


Performance of Stage Play, "OPUS"

October 5 (Sat.), 2013, to October 6 (Sun.), 2013

[All seats reserved]

Playwright: Michael Hollinger (b. 1962, USA)
Translation: Daisaku Hirakawa
Director: Eriko Ogawa 
Cast: Yasunori Danda, Kazuyuki Aijima, Kayo Ise, Toranosuke Kato, Yoshimasa Kondo

Known for her meticulous and subtle craft, the up-and-coming stage director Eriko Ogawa will lead her first production at Art Tower Mito (ATM) this fall. "Opus," an excellent play written by Michael Hollinger, was first staged in 2006 in the United States. It basically portrays the lives of four men and one woman belonging (or formerly belonging) to a string quartet, presenting their very human desires, suspicions, jealousies, and back-stabbing in a comical way. The seating in the ACM Theatre will be boldly rearranged for the production.

Promoting Traditional Performing Arts (3)

Solo Performance by Rakugo Artist Karoku Yanagiya

September 16 (Mon.), 2013

[All seats reserved]

His immense popularity stretching across several generations, the rakugo artist Karoku Yanagiya (b. 1971) makes his long-awaited appearance at Art Tower Mito (ATM). He is now working on a project that will begin in the following fiscal year (April 2014 to March 2013), which will transcend the boundaries of rakugo and please both adults and children. You don't have to be Yanagiya's aficionado to be interested in what he's up to.


45th Mito City Art Festival
Theater Festival

August 23 (Fri.), 2013  24 (Sat.),   25 (Sun.),   30 (Fri.),   31 (Sat.),   September 1 (Sun.),   

[Free Seating]Admission varies depending on each performance.

Over a two-week period, six different acting companies will stage performances that make the most of their distinguishing characteristics.


"Dancing Flamenco Classico"

August 10 (Sat.), 2013  

[All seats reserved]

Concept, choreography, and direction: Yoko Komatsubara
Performers: Yoko Komatsubara (pre-performance commentary), Kiyoshi Shomura (guitar), Haruhiko Okuhama (flamenco dancer), members of the Yoko Komatsubara Spanish Dance Troupe

A performance of short flamenco pieces created and choreographed by one of Japan's pioneering flamenco dancers, Yoko Komatsubara, now in her 70's. The performance also features Kiyoshi Shomura, one of Japan's foremost classical guitar players. Come get your fill of wonderful flamenco dancing, accompanied by luxuriant guitar playing, with commentary by the doyenne of the Japanese flamenco world.

ACM Bookmobile

"Tamashii no Sojiya-san "

July 27 (Sat.), 2013  28 (Sun.),   

[Free Seating]

Cast: Acting Company Mito, et al.

The actors of Acting Company Mito (ACM) will present horror stories that will thrill and scare families.

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