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47th Mito Art Festival

Noh Song and Dance Performance

June 28 (Sun.), 2015

[Free Seating]Admission free

Dancers: Representatives of the Kanze School, Komparu School, Hosho School, etc.

A Noh stage will be installed in the ACM Theatre, with each of the representative Noh schools performing simple songs (utai) without hayashi accompaniment or shimai dancing, along with songs sung by one person (dokugin), songs sung by two or more people (rengin), and shimai dancing, as well as Japanese hand drums (tsuzumi) and bamboo flutes (fue).

Start 10:00 (Open 9:45)


ACM Theatre Produces/Future Support Project, Vol. 5


Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Art Tower Mito

June 11 (Thu.), 2015, to June 14 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Playwright: Nozomi Makino
Stage direction: Nobuhiro Nishikawa
Actors: Ken Ohsawa, Hitomi Harukaze, Kikuo Kaneuchi, Shinsuke Hiratsuka (Shirosato Town), Yuki Kuwabara (Tsuchiura City), et al.

A play that takes as its main character the high school principal “Redshirt,” one of the supporting characters in the semi-autobiographical novel “Botchan,” written in 1906 by the famed Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki (1867-1916). The play superimposes many of the experiences that Soseki himself had as a high school teacher with those of Redshirt in the novel.

The role of Redshirt is played by Ken Ohsawa (b. 1974), who has been active on the stage, in movies and on television ever since his days as a child actor in the 1980’s. He starred as a regular actor in NHK’s serial drama “Ume-chan Sensei” in 2012. Among those teaming up with him on stage is Hitomi Harukaze (b. 1960), a former Takarazienne (Takarazuka actress), guaranteeing a unique repartee for the audience to enjoy.

Yu-kun & Matt-san’s

“Get Him with Curry Bread!”

May 2 (Sat.), 2015, to May 6 (Wed.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Original work: Eiko Kadono, “Get Him with Curry Bread!” (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Actors: Yu-kun & Matt-san (Yusuke Kobayashi & Matomo Ouchi), Rie Horiguchi, et al.

Children just love the hilarious acting duo Yu-kun & Matt-san. Following up on the success of their performance last year, the two will present a new play this year based on the “Little Ghost” (Chiisana Obake) series by the writer of children’s literature, Eiko Kadono (b. 1935), who is better known as the original author of “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” which was animated by Studio Ghibli in 1989. The play focuses on the ravenous but cute ghost Arch, and the funny episodes of his interactions with his friends.

Introduction to Traditional Performance Art: Rakugo

Solo Performance by Shinosuke Tatekawa

April 19 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Venue: Concert Hall ATM
Performer: Shinosuke Tatekawa

The rakugo of Shinosuke Tatekawa (b. 1954) adopts a unique perspective as he dwells on contemporary issues, with the actor constantly challenging himself as he continues his evolution as a performer. He breathes new life into the genre, treating both classical and new styles equally in his irreverence. Come check out Shinosuke’s latest solo performance at ATM.

Introduction to Traditional Performance Art: Kyogen

Nomura Mansaku Excerpts #22

April 18 (Sat.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Actors: Nomura Mansaku II, Nomura Mansai II, et al.

A popular program that gets sold out every year. Renga Nusubito employs renga, a kind of collaborative poetry that caught on wildly in medieval Japan, with two or more people exchanging impromptu readings of choku (stanzas of 5-7-5 syllables) and tanku (stanzas of 7-7 syllables). Incidentally, the first stanza of renga evolved into the modern haiku.

Nomura Mansaku II (b. 1931) and his son Nomura Mansai II (b. 1966) are veterans of the form, and you will be sure to enjoy their show. Meanwhile, Rokujizo is a boisterous play that involves the actors running busily around the stage. The skillful use of the main stage and the backstage highlight the expressive styles uniquely available to kyogen comic theater.


Kiyoshi Shomura and Flamenco (tentative name)

March 7 (Sat.), 2015, to March 8 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Concept, choreography, direction: Yoko Komatsubara
Accompaniment: Kiyoshi Shomura
Performers: Yoko Komatsubara , Yoko Komatsubara Spanish Dance Troupe, et al.

A repeat joint appearance at Art Tower Mito (ATM) by one of the country's great flamenco artists, Yoko Komatsubara, and a leading classical guitarist, Kiyoshi Shomura. Come enjoy both Shomura's exuberant guitar accompaniment and Komatsubara's banter and flamenco dance performance.

Introducing Traditional Performing Arts:

Solo Performance by Bunchin Katsura

February 28 (Sat.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

The master rakugo artist Bunchin Katsura will make his way to Art Tower Mito (ATM) in February 2014 to give the audience a wonderful night listening to stories from Kamigata Rakugo, which is the style of rakugo from the Osaka and Kyoto area.

Vol. 4, Future Support Project:

William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" (1602)

February 7 (Sat.), 2015, to February 15 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Director: Shintaro Mori 
Actors: Yoshimasa Kondo, with other cast members selected by audition

Having recently won the in the 21st Yomiuri Drama Prize Best Director Award as well as one of the New Face Awards in the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts, the director Shintaro Mori is one of the most active people in his field. He will lead the upcoming performance of the Shakespeare comedy "Twelfth Night" with a cast of actors from Ibaraki Prefecture.


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