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“To the Future: Linking Memories”

August 2 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Stage direction: Ritsuo Toshima
Musical direction, performance: Keiko Fukazawa
Performers: Tomomi Ito (ballet, dance), Yasuomi Akimoto (ballet, dance), Chiaki Mitsumori (song), Ryo Shiotani (reading), Yusuke Kobayashi (reading)

Staged precisely 70 years from the date of the aerial bombing of Mito in World War II, this play looks back on the events of that day, linking the memories of the bombing and prayers for peace with the future. Especially worth watching will be the performances by two young artists from Mito, the ballerina Tomomi Ito and the musical actress Chiaki Mitsumori. Ito will be giving her debut performance in Japan of the dance with which she won the special prize at the 2014 Ekaterina Maximova Arabesque Russian Open Ballet Competition.


“Black Rain: Yasuko in Hiroshima on August 6”

July 25 (Sat.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Original work: Masuji Ibuse (1898-1993)
Stage script: Hiroshi Sasabe
Stage direction: Ikumi Tanno
Actor: Tomoko Naraoka

A dramatization of the Japanese classic “Black Rain: Yasuko in Hiroshima on August 6,” written by the late Masuji Ibuse, who depicted the persistence and travails of the Japanese spirit amidst the unparalleled tragedy of the experience of the atomic bomb. Tomoko Naraoka (b. 1929) narrates the work as it is performed.

Narrated Play

“These Children’s Summer: 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki”

July 18 (Sat.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Organizer, playwright: Koichi Kimura
Actors: Natsuki Oh, Kazuko Kato, Kaho Shimada, Norie Takahashi, Toshie Negishi, Hideko Hara, Mito City junior high and high school students

Ever since its first performance in 1985, the narrated play “These Children’s Summer: 1945, Hiroshima, Nagasaki” has been put on almost 800 times in all 47 of Japan’s prefectures. The story is based on posthumous papers, diaries, and poetry left by the A-bomb victims, and focuses on the theme of mothers and their children. The narration is performed by several well-known actresses who are of the same age as many of the mothers were at the time they left their writings.

Also, several junior high and high school students from Mito City, selected from among many applicants, will give readings of Japanese tanka (poems of 5-7-5-7-7 syllables). The play and the readings will ensure that the memories of the bombings—which never should be allowed to fade away—are passed down to future generations.

47th Mito Art Festival

Ballet Festival

July 12 (Sun.), 2015

Last year performance

[All seats reserved]Admission 500yen for each performance
Tickets on sale date:June 5(Fri)2015

Performers: Shion Ballet, Mizuho Ballet Classroom

A recital by local children ranging in age from kindergarteners to high school students currently taking ballet lessons. You will be guaranteed an enthusiastic performance.

47th Mito City Art Festival

Concert of Three Traditional Japanese String Instruments by Different Schools

July 5 (Sun.), 2015

[Free Seating]Admission free

Performers: Representatives of Ikuta-ryu, Yamada-ryu, Kinko-ryu, Tozan-ryu, Shin-Tozan-ryu

A performance of the koto, shakuhachi, and shamisen. The variegated program will offer tripartite joint performances as well as contemporary songs rearranged as traditional Japanese music.

Start 13:00 (Open 12:30)


47th Mito Art Festival

Noh Song and Dance Performance

June 28 (Sun.), 2015

[Free Seating]Admission free

Dancers: Representatives of the Kanze School, Komparu School, Hosho School, etc.

A Noh stage will be installed in the ACM Theatre, with each of the representative Noh schools performing simple songs (utai) without hayashi accompaniment or shimai dancing, along with songs sung by one person (dokugin), songs sung by two or more people (rengin), and shimai dancing, as well as Japanese hand drums (tsuzumi) and bamboo flutes (fue).

Start 10:00 (Open 9:45)


ACM Theatre Produces/Future Support Project, Vol. 5


Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Art Tower Mito

June 11 (Thu.), 2015, to June 14 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Playwright: Nozomi Makino
Stage direction: Nobuhiro Nishikawa
Actors: Ken Ohsawa, Hitomi Harukaze, Kikuo Kaneuchi, Shinsuke Hiratsuka (Shirosato Town), Yuki Kuwabara (Tsuchiura City), et al.

A play that takes as its main character the high school principal “Redshirt,” one of the supporting characters in the semi-autobiographical novel “Botchan,” written in 1906 by the famed Japanese novelist Natsume Soseki (1867-1916). The play superimposes many of the experiences that Soseki himself had as a high school teacher with those of Redshirt in the novel.

The role of Redshirt is played by Ken Ohsawa (b. 1974), who has been active on the stage, in movies and on television ever since his days as a child actor in the 1980’s. He starred as a regular actor in NHK’s serial drama “Ume-chan Sensei” in 2012. Among those teaming up with him on stage is Hitomi Harukaze (b. 1960), a former Takarazienne (Takarazuka actress), guaranteeing a unique repartee for the audience to enjoy.

Yu-kun & Matt-san’s

“Get Him with Curry Bread!”

May 2 (Sat.), 2015, to May 6 (Wed.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Original work: Eiko Kadono, “Get Him with Curry Bread!” (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Actors: Yu-kun & Matt-san (Yusuke Kobayashi & Matomo Ouchi), Rie Horiguchi, et al.

Children just love the hilarious acting duo Yu-kun & Matt-san. Following up on the success of their performance last year, the two will present a new play this year based on the “Little Ghost” (Chiisana Obake) series by the writer of children’s literature, Eiko Kadono (b. 1935), who is better known as the original author of “Kiki’s Delivery Service,” which was animated by Studio Ghibli in 1989. The play focuses on the ravenous but cute ghost Arch, and the funny episodes of his interactions with his friends.

Introduction to Traditional Performance Art: Rakugo

Solo Performance by Shinosuke Tatekawa

April 19 (Sun.), 2015

[All seats reserved]

Venue: Concert Hall ATM
Performer: Shinosuke Tatekawa

The rakugo of Shinosuke Tatekawa (b. 1954) adopts a unique perspective as he dwells on contemporary issues, with the actor constantly challenging himself as he continues his evolution as a performer. He breathes new life into the genre, treating both classical and new styles equally in his irreverence. Come check out Shinosuke’s latest solo performance at ATM.

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